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Brine Shrimp Direct is a mail order fish food company specializing in brine shrimp.

They have food for marine and freshwater fish.

Fish and reptile sales...Also E-Mail me if you want us to make you  a banner for free, all you have to do is link us to your site...
The future to pet stores.

Here's Snappy's web site

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  • The Age of Aquariums - An excellent site with great pics and info on fish and live plants. Recomended.

  • PITA - Pets in the Aquarium. Tons of info and links. Good site!

  • Aqualink - Extensive collection of links and information. Good resource.

  • Neptune gallery is full of pictures and info.

  • JAWS (Just Aquaria Web Site)

  • FINS Fish Information Service

  • Ed's Tanks is a site with some big arowanas. Check it out!

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    Premium Aquatics
    High quality aquarium products

    The Amazin' PONDCAM
    See the PondCAM, info. watergardens

    aquariums,trafic hazards,links
    a little bit of everything.

    Fred the Fish
    A guide to starting an aquarium

    Aquarium Pharmaceuticals

    Fish medications and other products

    of the