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The Bailey Fish site is dedicated to aquaria and fishkeeping.  We started this site in 1997 mostly to show off our fish.  The site gets updated periodically when we have time (but who has any time).  Any comments and suggestions are welcome.  You can email us or just write in my guestbook.  We try to answer all emails.  

All the pictures on this site were taken by us.  They are digitally captured images taken with Snappy and a video camera.  There is more information on this process here.  These pictures can be used on your site if you wish but please email me with the address so we can link to your site.  We also ask that you credit us somewhere on your site.  

We've kept fish for about five years.  Our favorites are goldfish, gouramies, barbs, and molies.  Some of the care information on this site is based on our experience and some is taken from books, magazines and the web.  We've tried to give credit where credit is due.  Feel free to comment on the accuracy of any information and your personal experience. 

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